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The courier service is all about reliability and efficiency! Your load can be picked up within the hour and delivered anywhere in the UK!

There's no job we can't do

At Kemp's Couriers, we have a variety of vehicles to suit your needs. We can deliver anything from legal documents to multiple pallets.

If you have something that is out of the ordinary – whether it is same day parcel or letter delivery, highly valuable, requires special handling or extremely urgent – we can tailor a solution to meet your exact needs with our Same Day delivery services.

On any day of the year, at any time, no matter how big, small, light or heavy, we’ll keep the wheels moving for you.

We can collect your load within the hour and get it delivered anywhere in the UK on the same day.

Same day courier service

High value and ultra secure transport

Our drivers are all experienced in transporting high value goods and it is our main priority to make sure each load is transported in a safe and secure way. To ensure security, your items will be collected and delivered straight away, with no stops or vehicle changes.

We don't just deliver parcels and pallets, we can also transport urgent documents anywhere in the UK.

Urgent document courier service

Multi drop courier service

If you require more than one delivery in the same day, we can pick up all of your loads and deliver them to multiple address. If you're a company that has been let down by your normal courier, give us a call and we can get to you within the hour to collect all of the loads that need delivering that day.

We don't just deliver parcels and pallets. With our dedicated vehicles, we can also collect and deliver motorcycles.

Motorcycle courier service

Commercial premises transportation

If you are moving premises, we can offer safe and secure transportation of IT equipment, warehouse stock and racking.

We can offer the reassurance you are looking for when shipping fragile equipment such as PC's, cables, servers, batteries or any other equipment that requires light handed treatment.

IT equipment courier service

Cremated remains courier service

This service is the best choice for the safe, secure and personalised transportation of your loved ones remains, anywhere in the UK.

We have a range of vehicles, including refrigerated vans. If you need food or drink transported, we can help.

Refrigerated courier service

Exhibition & event courier service

We can collect exhibition equipment and show stock from the desired address and deliver to the required exhibition centre to make the job easier for you.

We don't just deliver parcels and pallets. With our dedicated vehicles, we can also collect and deliver anything from a car to a 40ft motor home.

Vehicle & motor home courier service

Small van

Small van (2m3)

Length: 1.5m, Width: 1.2m


Small Van
Short wheelbase van

Short wheelbase van (3m3)

Length: 2.0m, Width: 1.2m


Short Wheelbase Van
Long wheelbase van

Long wheelbase van (6m3)

Length: 3.0m, Width: 1.2m


Long Wheelbase Van
Extra Long Wheelbase Van

Extra long wheelbase van (9m3)

Length: 4.2m, Width: 1.25m


Extra Long Wheelbase Van
Luton Van

Luton Van (15m3)

Length: 4.0m, Width: 2.0m


Luton Van
7.5 ton Van

7.5 Ton Van (30m3)

Length: 6.0m, Width: 2.3m


7.5 ton Van
18 ton Van

18 Ton Van (30m3)

Length: 6.0m, Width: 2.3m


18 ton Van
Artic Truck

Artic Truck (30m3)

Length: 6.0m, Width: 2.3m


Artic Truck
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